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Artist blog.
Comic, concepts, and esoteric imagery.
I use this blog to post all of my projects and sketches. I also sometimes re-blog art posts by my friends/people I admire + other interests.

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Old art, before my soul changed. 2004/5/6ish Ill post all these from the vault

The knight of ragged shadow, and winter prince


Here ya go, my fave artists on tumblr
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;_ ; Phen &lt;3 

2009 lost paintings. ‘timxsvprs’ matter has soul &

'tropic of capricorn' tarot e of swords, 5 of swords, 5 of wands, 4 of wands, 9 of wands 

process shot of ‘tropic of capricorn’  u can see in the second how much i paint over all the time. 

"OC//worldbringer" by saprophilous on TegakiE

First of the worldbringers. Based her off of a white bull/cobra blend.

"OC//worldbringer" by saprophilous on TegakiE

First of the worldbringers. Based her off of a white bull/cobra blend.

Cloud City Beltholder

Pen and inks top one I messed w/ the color for fun

Bottom is the org colors. GOLDDD ERRYWHERE

Quadro by Theme Static